Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Wearin' O' The Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day. If I don't see another piece of corned beef for a while it'll be too soon. 4 days straight we've been looking at it.

Saturday after the parade in the Old First Ward, there was a party at the bar. Reuben Sandwiches and corned beef on rye at that one. Plus some fried bologna and sausage pattys...but mostly beef.

Sunday after the Big Parade down Delaware Ave downtown, we had the Irish Firemen for there annual after parade soiree. Reubens, corned beef on rye, pizza and potato soup at that one

We had it yesterday at lunch in the form of Reubens and again today at lunch...Reubens and corned beef sandwiches again, along with dinners, with cabbage, potatoes and carrots.

I hope I can get the smell of it out of my hair.

So..anyway...The Irish Firefighters always have this pipe and drum corps from Canada march in their parade, and they always come to the bar after for food. And they usually play a couple numbers before the Irishman of the Year Award is given. And they usually play inside. I usually head for a door jamb cuz it feels like this 100+ year old building might just come down with all the banging. *sorta, but not really, if its not down yet, its not coming down...but y'know..better safe than sorry* This year, it was so gorgeous out they played outside. Way better. Here's a few shots...

Irishman of the Year

check out this guys pants...little leprechauns all over them

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