Sunday, February 15, 2009

So...I Went and Joined a Gym

...and boy are my arms tired. *ba dabump ching*

I really haven't done anything resembling physical activity in about 6 months. I used to be religious about working out. Every morning when the Offspring took off for school, I'd be in front of the tv with my Buns of Steel or The Firm or the Balance Ball. But, things evolve and kids dont get on busses at 7am anymore and I turned into a lazy schlub who would always start again tomorrow. And as we all know, tomorrow never comes.

Offspring #3 is a member at The BAC so I decided to join too.

So I knew I was out of shape. But I didn't realize how badly till I did this cute little assessment. There's the measuring tape, and the scale, and the flexiblity thing and the 3 minute step test. And when I say step test I mean stack of steps that was knee high. I thought I was gonna die. goal is to be back in my size 9 Calvin Klein jeans. They're in a box in my closet and I'll be pulling them out soon, just to gauge my progress. Right now I can just get them over my thighs, and no where near being able to zip.

Wish me luck. *and I dont mean luck with the jeans...I mean luck getting out of this chair, cuz my muscles are sooooo fatigued right now*

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