Monday, June 30, 2008

Down came the rain and washed the party out

Son of a bitch!!! It never rains when I have a party.....NEVER!!! Till yesterday that is. Well...I guess theres a first time for everything and why, I suppose, I should never say never.

We thought we'd have one last big blowout party for Offspring #4's graduation,since we're now done with the whole high school thing. Nice idea, crappy weather.

This is Offspring #2's Fiancee's foot.

Why yes...he does have just CANT SEE THEM CUZ MY YARD WAS A MUDPIT!!!. And that was UNDER the tent!!! Damned good thing we ordered sides for the tent, considering that at one point the rain was coming SIDEWAYS when the wind whipped up and the lightning was flashing and the thunder was shaking everything and stakes were being pulled out of the ground and a pole was falling off the tent and the thing looked as if it were ready to fall right down and Offspring #3 and I were out there trying to prevent that and I really suck at hammering tent stakes. And that was right after we got done setting everything up all nice and pretty.

Damn you Weather Gods!!

It did kinda clear up a bit....but the mud....the mud was incredible.

I finally got all that mud off my toes this afternoon. Major pedicure work there....I soaked and I scraped and soaked some more. Eh...I needed a pedi anyway. Of course I had to wait till my head stopped throbbing to do it. I only had a few beers. Who knew jello shots packed such a whallop? I think those kids...they kept bringing them over to me...wanted a rerun of #3's party and me drunk jumping in the pool fully clothed. No need for that this time since I was pretty much soaked the whole day anyway. Did I mention that it rained?

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