Thursday, March 20, 2008 tonite is the full moon...

....when you go out to bark at said moon...see if you can see the moonvertizing. That's right...Rolling Rock is supposed to beam its logo up there by the way of a laser.

I first became aware of on night on our way home from a hockey game. There's this billboard on the 190 that caught my eye...a 3 dimensional 'moon' with the Rolling Rock logo jutting out from the billboard...big "MOONVERTIZING look up on the next full moon" off on the side.

Who thinks this stuff up?

Here's the website *edit 9.14.08...apparently this website is no more*

Here's my theory....there is no laser shooting an image to the moon, its just a gimmick. And a good one that seems to be working since I'm sitting here like a loser talking about it.

I can picture it now...all those ingenious ad men sitting around laughing at all the suckers out there looking at the moon. Too bad its too cloudy here now to even seen the moon.

Thats right...I looked.


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