Thursday, January 04, 2007

My life is full of romance, on the ride home from work, I'm cruising radio I'm prone to do...when I hit upon "Babaji". Track 5 off Supertramp ...Even In The Quietest Moments. I'm still downtown so the reception isnt that great since I'm picking up a Toronto station. Not being a fan of the static, I'd normally hit the button for a new station, but I haven't heard this song in a while and I decide to stick with it...the receptions picking up right about the time of this decision. GOOD DECISION on my part cuz when the song is over it goes right into "From Now On". I know immediately that it's an album side.


I decide to take the long way home *yeah .. I meant to put that obvious 'breakfast in america' song there .. thats right*. Nothing like the long way when there's good tune-age.

Then I stopped at Record Theatre on Transit and bought 3 remasters. The aforementioned Quietest Moments, along with Breakfast in America and Crime of the Century.

My life is full of romance.

"Live it up, Rip it up, Why so Lazy?

Give it out, Dish it out, Let's go crazy, yeah!!"

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